Lens Studio for Educators

Non-Tech Careers in a Growing Tech Field

Technology is ever changing which makes it both a fun and challenging field to dive into. The world of AR/VR/XR is still in early stages which, for me personally, makes it even more exciting to explore. We’ve all heard the phrase that the “the future favors the bold” but my own version of that idea is that “stagnant water is often the stinkiest”. Oxygenated (healthy) water requires movement and the same is true for us in our careers. We need new challenges, new curiosities for opportunities of growth and exploration. 

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Getting Started on Lens Studio

Lens Studio provides tools and templates that support first time creators who have zero experience (or interest) in learning about computer science. The creation of a filter is not just for those interested in programming, this is also a platform and outlet for students who are interested in art (2D or 3D), and marketing. 

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